Why apps4biz.bizl?

Why develop with Apps4Biz.com ?

If you still are not sure whether Your business needs Your own dedicated mobile application, below we present the profits that result from having a dedicated mobile app for You and Your company.

1. You become visible to new groups of customers and the dedicated mobile app makes it easier to communicate with your current ones.

Statistics show that the average Internet user spends more than two hours up to four a day (!) on his mobile device. One of the most common forms of spending time (it accounts for as much as 82% of the total time of using mobile devices) is the use of mobile applications.

2. The application is your own direct marketing department - at no additional cost.

Our applications have many functions: they can provide general information, prices, reservation forms, search functions, user accounts, instant messengers, information channels and much more.

One of the biggest advantages of having a mobile application is that all information you want to provide to customers - including special offers and promotions - is at Your fingertips.

Another important element is that all actions related to advertising, from leaflets to scratch cards, contests, coupons or special offers, You can start with 1 click without expensive printouts and their distribution. In the case of leaflets, they will reach people who may be interested in your offer, and maybe not. By using Your own mobile application, You can be sure that your advertisement goes to the right place and is incomparably cheaper.

3. Provide your clients with a variety of experiences.

All around the world, companies strive for lowering costs, especially costs of advertising. They invest in the digitalization of the loyalty program they have, for example.

Instead of sticking to old points collecting cards, customers can receive rewards using a mobile application. The effect ? More downloads and more customers.

And what if everyone has a classic punch card loyalty  program in the area? How to distinguish Yours? Thanks to the mobile application it's easy - contests, scratch cards, time and special offers, all with just one click.

This allows for a variety of loyalty programs, not just the type that everybody else has, not to mention Your advantage over the other businesses in the form of lower costs due to the lack of need for printing and distribution.

4. Thanks to Your own mobile application, You build your brand and recognition.

The mobile application for Your company will significantly contribute to the recognition of your brand.

The mobile application resembles your personal super-billboard. You can do whatever you want with it - you can make it stylish, fashionable, functional, shocking or informative. But what you really want to do is create an application that has features that customers will love and at the same time is well-planned and equipped with interesting features and conveniently planned interface.

The more often customers are involved in the use of Your application, the sooner they will be willing to buy Your product and / or service. In the ad, this is called the "frequency of accession": it means that the customer who has an easy and quick access to your service or product, will decide on the offer that he will be most likely to reach.


5. The mobile application makes the lives of Your customers much easier

Whether you sell flowers or spa services, Your clients need a way to reach You. Handling of messages, e.g. via the virtual help desk module of Your app) in the application can really affect the way of communication with clients. Instead of, for example, restaurant reservation that needed to be done by phone, now can be done with five clicks on Your customers device. Think about it: how many clients would prefer to communicate with you through the application?

6. Take advantage of the temporary monopoly of Your new technology

Currently, mobile applications at the level of small companies are still rare and here you can take a big step ahead of the competition. Be the first in your area to offer mobile applications to your customers. They will be pleasantly surprised by Your cutting-edge approach. Your application can also help You build a group of friendly entities around You and Your activity, which allows You to advertise Your services or products with Your application.

7. Earn money on advertising in Your application

The space in Your application can be freely distributed to friendly entities. What do you say, for example, a shoe discount coupon in the store opposite You when buying pants for You? There are countless opportunities to make money from Your mobile application.

8. With us, Your rights are always respected. Unlike other developers, we do not sign civil-law contracts with our clients, which are characterized by the fact that you have as many rights in them as agreed upon.

By purchasing your dedicated mobile application with us, You are ensure that Your rights are  of the highest priority to us, because we exclusively on the entire market, give You the possibility to conclude an ordinary sale purchase agreement that falls under consumer law. Thanks to this, You have the option of returning for a full refund in case our product does not meet Your expectations, and You have a strong, certain position in the light of the law that is ensured by international, local and continental consumer law.